Bruce Burkhart

In 1961, Bruce Burkhart was born with a very strong desire to play the drums. As a child, he would bang on everything that resembled a drum, with anything that looked like drumsticks.


In school, he followed the percussion route, first with the snare drum in concert band and marching band. A few years later, he got a drum set and played in the high school jazz band and pep band.


Bruce’s musical world changed when the high school band director took him to a Buddy Rich concert. “I always loved to play the drums, but that is when I realized I wanted to earn a living as a drummer”.   


Focused more than ever on drums, he was a founding member of a guitar rock band at the age of 15. That is where he honed his drumming skills and gained valuable experience he would employ as a professional musician. He went on to play in several local and regional bands (The Rize Band, Mardis Gras, Ben Dover and the Screamers, Little Rock, and Liberty Beach) that played gigs in the tri-state area.


Playing drums for Wally and the Beavs is truly a dream come true for Bruce. It is a return to the horn-based music of his younger years.   


His passion is music, and he lives it out every time he sits behind the drums. “I love every opportunity to express my musical rhythmic feelings with drums and cymbals”, he says.  So, when you come to a Wally and the Beavs show, you’ll find Bruce behind the drums, living out his dream, from the “best seat in the house”.


Bruce has been married to Shelly for 25 years. They have two grown daughters.