A Letter from Dawn Bova

Many families in our area have been burdened by the weight of secret shame and guilt brought on by having a loved one that suffers with addiction. The secret is hidden from friends, coworkers, and even family members. Living with addiction causes severe physical, emotional, and social stress on families and individuals affected. As a united community we are able to remove isolation, shame, and stigma which prevents those affected from seeking help and becoming healthy.


Thankfully, many in our community are learning about this devastating disease and realizing there are many roads to recovery. They all work, until they don't. The disease can be treated but not cured. But we need to do more.


Looking back on my own journey with my son Bradley Bova, I remember how difficult it was to find reliable, trusted advise to help him with his addiction. When other loved ones were diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, or heart disease, there was always a road map. But not within addiction. It is "hidden" living in the shadows. We felt as if we were in a foreign country, unable to speak the language or read the signs. During the past several months I've learned, we were not alone. While my family struggled for several years, mostly in silence, bouncing from shame, confusion, anger, and helplessness, I now know there are many families and individuals experiencing the same struggles.


We are honored that Wally and the Beavs, Ed Adams, and The BHS Class of 1983 are providing an opportunity to raise funds for OhioCAN Sandusky County! What better way to come together than over an evening of music. OhioCAN is a project of the HUB for direct Community Action. The HUB is our fiscal sponsor providing a nonprofit 501(c)3. All money raised from this event will directly benefit Sandusky County to combat substance use. It's time we come together, join forces, and begin to battle this demon that is robbing so many families of their children and so many children of their parents.


As we plan this fundraising concert any assistance we receive will be greatly appreciated. Please SAVE THE DATE-September 23, 2017, Bellevue VFW. We hope you will share a fun filled evening of music, chicken dinners grilled from Bellevue FFA (included in ticket price), as well as raffles and 50/50 drawing. You can purchase tickets online at www.wallyrocks.com


Your assistance will maximize the proceeds going to OhioCAN directly benefiting those affected in Sandusky County. We thank you in advance for your help and cooperation! Together we CAN change addiction now and we MUST!

​​​​​​Sincerely,  Dawn Bova

Contact information:


Dawn Bova-Sandusky County OhioCAN Coordinator

Ohiocansanduskycounty@gmail.com 419-217-1737


Ed Adams-Wally and the Beavs

fortemusic@att.net  419-355-3073