Ed Adams


A graduate of Bellevue High School in 1983, Ed Adams (christened Eddie Forte by Wally and Boz) began his professional life employed as an auto mechanic; until he got tired of being dirty, hot, and dripped on. Today, Ed is co-owner of Forte Music: with stores in Tiffin and Sandusky. Over the years Ed has played trumpet with a wide variety of musical groups; including a brass quintet along with Jeff Skaggs; and several gigs filling in with The Beavs. In the spring of 2007, Ed got the call to play full time with Wally and The Beavs.  Wally is especially impressed by the travelin’ trumpeter’s full head of hair; accented by a healthy application of Dapper Dan hair cream: a habit Eddie picked up from his “dripped on” days as a mechanic.

Even though he was born in Cincinnati, Ed is an avid Cleveland sports fan. He especially enjoys tailgating at Browns home games with fellow season-ticket holder, Boz.

After a lot of pleading from Joel and several months of contract negotiations,  Ed agreed to design and take care of the new web site for The Beavs.   Most of the well written paragraphs you'll find on this site were from the penmanship of Wally,  the real talent in our band.

Ed is married with 2 children. His beautiful wife, Jeanine, is also a musician and music teacher. The kids, Lily and Seth, really enjoy attending the gigs: watching and listening to Daddy perform on stage with those crazy Beavs. They all reside on the family “farm” in Bellevue.

 While other beavs were gigging with rock bands in
the early 80's,  Ed was in the high school band