Jeff Skaggs

Jeff Skaggs (trombone, vocals) resides in Huron, Ohio where he is the high school choir director.  Prior to the Beavs, he was a member of Cedar Pointís Live Entertainment department as a member of the Hobo Band, Keystone Kops, Red Garter Dixieland and the Amazement Park Review.  A long time sideman musician, he has played with The Toledo Jazz Orchestra, Firelands Symphony, The Bogus Blues Band, and Special Blend as well as performing with legendary musicians such as Clark Terry, Pearl Bailey, and others.  He joined the Beav's in 1998, and uses the band as his mid-life crisis. 

 Jeff is in his 22nd year of  teaching music in Huron, Ohio.


As you can see "Boz" learned his dance moves a "few" years back in the perkins band



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