Todd Clymer

In 1975 Todd began his music career, playing drums in the school band at the age of 10. Two years later he formed his own rock band, playing guitar and later switching to bass. Todd says, “I wasn’t very good at either instrument so I finally played drums…like I should have in the first place.”

Wally first took notice of Todd in 1981, when he heard the drummer playing with the band High Risk (part one – made up of high school students), between movies at the State Theater in downtown Napoleon. Wally remembers, “Although the cover songs were mostly unrecognizable, the kid playing drums was pretty good.”

After high school Todd served in the Navy for four years, where he played in an all originals band called Thin Ice. After his discharge, he returned to Napoleon and picked up the beat where he had left off with a matured High Risk (part two). After three years of pounding out 80s hard rock and heavy metal, Todd became a charter member of Wally and The Beavs. Thought to be a descendent of Declaration of Independence signer, George Clymer; Todd is the proud father of three great kids and enjoys fishing, golfing and playing music.


Even though this isn't todd,   we do see this expression from him quite often